Merchant Of Venice||Act 2 Scene ii (Part A/B)

In this scene, we are talking about Launceot and his father,Old Gobbo. Old Gobbo is a half-blind father of a servant named,Launceot Gobbo,who was a servant of a Jew,Shylock,a money-lender. Introducing Part-B Subscribe for more videos.

The Cloud-P.B.Shelley

Summary of the Poem The Cloud-Written by P.B.Shelley Summary of the Poem- English Learners Study online Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Burger Brothers 123 Example St, San Francisco, CA 12345-678 Monday: 11:00 – 22:00Tuesday: 11:00 – 22:00Wednesday: 11:00 – 22:00Thursday: 11:00 – 22:00Friday: 11:00 – 22:00Saturday: 11:00 –Continue reading “The Cloud-P.B.Shelley”

The Cloud-P.B.Shelley of the Poem The Cloud-Written by P.B.Shelley Summary of the Poem- Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The Cloud-P.B.Shelley

He was educated at Eton and Oxford from where he was expelled with his friend,Hogg, For writing a pamphlet on “The Necessity of Atheism”. In 1811, he married Harriet Westbrook. But this marriage proved a failure and they separated. After Harriet’s death, he married Mary Godwin and lived a blissful life with her. Shelley wasContinue reading “The Cloud-P.B.Shelley”

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Merchant of Venice Act 1 Sc ii (part B)

Workbook answers ICSE MERCHANT OF VENICE workbook Answers. #english learners Summary of MOV ACT 1 Sc ii Get more educational updates from English Learners All about ICSE #Icse #williamshakespeare

Merchant of Venice

Act 1 Scene ii (Part A) Explanation in English & Hindi Let begin, At Belmont,Portia discusses the terms of her FATHER’S WILL with her Confidante,Nerissa. Portia discusses about the terms and conditions of her late father’s will to her maid,Nerissa. According to the will of her late father,Portia cannot marry a man of her ownContinue reading “Merchant of Venice”


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