The Cloud-P.B.Shelley

He was educated at Eton and Oxford from where he was expelled with his friend,Hogg,

For writing a pamphlet on “The Necessity of Atheism”.

In 1811, he married Harriet Westbrook.

But this marriage proved a failure and they separated.

After Harriet’s death, he married Mary Godwin and

lived a blissful life with her.

Shelley was drowned in a storm off the coast of Italy.

Shelley was one of the greatest Romantic poets of the early 19the Century.

He was stirred deeply by the French Revolution (1789) as it was symbolic of the struggling humanity trying to free itself of tyranny.

His poetry is filled with hope for a better world,

Where mankind could be happy here, on earth.

He is best known for his lovely lyrics and

the longer poems, Adonais (On the death of John Keats), Ode to the West Wind,Prometheus Unbound, a lyrical drama and Alastor,a beautiful medicine poem that expresses his own fine sensitive nature very well.